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garage doorIt doesn't really matter what an issue you are having with your garage door - Contactor4Garage specialists will deal with anything from motor repairs to broken springs. Contacting us you get same-day service (including weekends and without any extra charge). We are proud of having experienced and skilled technicians in our company, but we are also happy to inform you that we bring all the necessary spares for repair and provide the proper warranties on both spare parts and our work. Call us today and you will see why our customers come back again and again. Don't forget to check the feedback and opinions about our company as well! Garage doors repair and maintenance are what we like to do and what we really do well.

Why Would I Call us (Garage Door Repair)?

A garage should be reliable and durable since its primary function is to protect your vehicles and belongings. Being an important part of the exterior a garage should also look attractive. It's not that easy to maintain the door in your garage sometimes and here we go to help you out.

Expertise and the highest level of skills allow our specialists quickly check a door and decide if it needs maintenance only or both maintenance and fixture. Our reputation speaks for itself - inhabitants of Sandy, Layton and Salt Lake City return to us every time they need something to get repaired. Moreover, they recommend our company to their friends and neighbors. We are ready to repair all types of garage doors. Our technicians know all models and brands and it lets them perform they work well and fast. Usually they arrive within several hours after your call and finish the work the same day. So if you want your garage door to be examined and repaired - call us right now!

All Leads customers are welcome to contact us - we will be happy to help you with your garage doors. Please, don't hesitate to contact our local Garage Door Team for more details.

Garage Door Repair Service

It is hard to overestimate the importance of garage doors. Without a doubt, proper working condition and high level of security are key characteristics of every garage door. In case of any problems you are highly recommend to contact professionals who will tell if the door should be repaired or it will need to be replaced.

Below we will provide the most popular factors affecting the total cost of garage door repair.

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2.Other Issues with Garage Doors

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4.Garage Door Repair Costs by Materials

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How Much Is the Cost of Common Garage Door Repair?

“Do it yourself” is a great concept and it’s good of you if you follow it, however sometimes the situation requires professional assistance. For example, it makes sense to call for a professional for manual inspection of a garage door and its opener. A specialists can also adjust spring and belt/chain tension properly and do a lot of other useful things like door lubrication, force adjustments etc. It’s difficult to specify the cost precisely, it should be somewhere between $148 and $328.

Let’s take a look at some typical garage door problems and the repair costs:

1) Problems with door opening and closing.

A garage door can stick due to a great number of reasons where the most common are as follows:

  • “Blind” sensor – If there are sensors in your garage door system you need to make sure that there is no obstacles preventing sensors from “seeing” the necessary area. Clear the path of strange objects and check if the problem persists.
  • Opener – In case if sensors appear to be fully functioning you’d better think of garage opener repair. Openers are equipped with batteries and sometimes when the battery has run down the door does not move. Check if there is the light illuminating on the opener - if it doesn’t, just replace the battery. Such a repair is very cheap and easy.
  • Wheel Track Obstruction – The best way to check if there is something on the way of the door wheels is to close it manually. Actually, poor door movement can be also caused by dents on the tracks - these are visible when the door is closed or hanging unevenly. Damaged track is too hard to repair yourself - call for professional assistance. The track repair would cost you from $133 to $154. Correction of the door position is something different and costs about $125.

2) The garage door moves unevenly.

  • Spring Issues - In most cases the reason of uneven door movement is broken or worn spring mechanism. For example, roll-up garage doors are typically equipped with one central torsion spring which is actually durable, but sooner or later it breaks up as well. Broken springs require professional assistance for sure - doing such repair yourself may be dangerous. Cables or springs replacement is a job requiring two or three hours, so the total cost begins from $300.
  • Track Issues - Bent tracks make the door move unevenly too. In some situations it gets so bad the the door does not move at all. The repair cost would fully depend on the condition of tracks. One should be ready to pay from $133 to $154.

3) You hear annoying noise and squealing when the door is opening or closing.

Grinding, screeching and all other bad noises that a garage door makes when moving always indicates at some issue - for instance, there is not enough lubrication or the racks are full of debris and dust. If you see debris in tracks - clean it without using aggressive detergents. After cleaning you should lubricate the tracks with the garage door oil. Actually, WD-40 - a versatile lubricant - can also be applied here.

Tracks cleaning and lubrication are the first and actually the only things to do. If it does not help - it’s time to deal with specialists. Professional assistance would cost you about $155.

4) Your garage door moves down too fast

Fast door falling or bouncing is an obvious indicator of problems with cables or chains which are probably broken. We suggest you call for a repairman without trying to fix it yourself - actually, a specialist would not charge a big amount of money for his service but he will certainly save your time. Be ready to pay $150 - $200.

Other Garage Door Problems & Their Costs

Below we enlist some other issues and troubles one may encounter with garage doors:

  • It is a common and easy thing to repair most of dings and dents, but it’s better to call for a professional if there is a big dent. An hour of specialist’s work would cost you from $75.
  • Circuit board replacement: Typical flat rate for circuit board replacement and remotes reprogramming is $100.
  • Broken door glass: Broken glass is not a big deal for DIY replacement, but if the glass is big you’d probably need the professional assistance which would cost you around $75. Add the glass price - $25-$50.
  • Roller replacement: In case of break up or damage rollers are replaced for $10-$15 per each.
  • Hinge replacement: Just like rollers hinge are replaced for approximately $10 each.

How Does the Repair Cost Depend on the Door Style?

garage door serviceWhen selecting a garage door we always try to find something matching the house exterior. Today several types of garage doors are popular among homeowners and below we will provide brief description for these:

  • Sectional: This is the most popular garage door style made of few horizontal panels hinged together. Panels are equipped with wheels and installed on a track. Sectional doors do not need much space and are easily controlled via a standard remote door opener which costs very cheap. Spare parts for sectional doors are widely available in any specialized store and the repair costs are relatively low - in average one pay $128 for sectional garage door repair.
  • Carriage: Incredibly stylish carriage doors are popular among people who know and like their history. Such doors are often see in the Southwest and West parts of the US where people are fond of rustic things. Undoubtedly, a carriage garage door would make the exterior look more interesting and eye-catching, but due to the construction (the doors hang on hinges with jambs) carriage garage doors require regular and frequent cleaning. What’s more, these are usually made of wood which may rot and just deteriorate with time and you would have to replace it. Average repair cost for carriage garage doors starts from $133.
  • Traditional One Panel: This is an old-school single-panel garage door lifted with a spring mechanism. Such models are also popular in Southern states - the panels are made of wood and mild southern climate does not affect wood that badly. Traditional doors with one panel can have different design like Cape, Colonial, Ranch and so on. Single-panel garage doors are heavy and thus sometimes hard to repair, therefore an average repair cost would be around $172.

Single tilt-up garage doors are the most affordable. The doors with single roll-up mechanism may be bought at a good price as well, while custom roll-up doors are obviously the most costly. However, the most expensive are custom garage doors made of solid wood.

How Does Repair Cost Depend on Door Material?

Material is another factor which determined the price of garage door repair. To reduce the repair cost you need to select the material for your garage door wisely - actually, the main thing is local climate. Try to choose the material which feel good in the climate of your area.

Anyway, garage doors require some common maintenance regardless of the construction or material type. It would be a good idea to call for a door specialist from time to time so that he checked general state and integrity of the door. This is a very important thing since if there are any issues with door mounting or structure it would mean that such a door cannot guarantee the highest level of safety.

A Few Words About Finishing?

Sometimes it happens that you buy and install a new garage door and suddenly realize that the door does not fit house exterior well. In this case you may want to paint or refinish the door.

  • Those who want their steel door look like a wooden one do not have to replace it - a good paint together with high skills are the only two things needed. If you are not sure which paint to choose consult sales assistants in the local home store. They will certainly advise something suitable - it’s their job to pick the right paint and brush for you, so don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you have.
  • Depending on the local climate your wood door may suffer from severe weather and need regular refinishing. A skilled refinisher can make the door look even better than it used to and even protect it from harsh weather.
  • Want to add or remove windows in your garage door? Please keep in mind that each panel should fit the dimensions. Uneven panels positioning will give negative impact on door functioning.

The Conclusion

Being an important part of exterior your garage door should always be fully functional, secure and good-looking. Selecting a door made of the most suitable material and with the best construction for your area and climate you prevent premature maintenance and repair. However, performing regular maintenance is always a very good idea letting avoid problems in future.

We highly recommend to contact an experienced professional in case of any serious issues with a garage door. Professional repair guarantees safety and high quality.