What Garage Door Opener is the Best?

LiftMaster 8550
Chamberlain Ultra Quiet
Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive

What Garage Door Opener is the Best?

Definitely it’s the one you never think about after installation. A really good door opener guarantees long years of smooth trouble-free operation. While the door openers in our lineup vary in terms of power, noise and efficiency, they are all effective in the all-important task of letting you come and go with the simple push of a button, and without thinking about it.

Speaking about characteristics of garage door openers we should mention efficiency, power consumption and noise, but the main characteristic is the ability to open and close the door upon pressing the button so that you didn’t even have to think about it.

Garage Door Openers: Conclusion and Tips

According to us the best garage door openers on market are as follows: LiftMaster 8550, Chamberlain Ultra Quiet and Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive. All three options are worth buying, however each has its own features.

Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive is a very reliable opener working fine in any conditions. It features a backup power source allowing to work in case of power failure. Chamberlain Ultra Quiet has up-to-date design with timer that automatically closes the garage door - you won’t have to worry about the door left open anymore. Finally, LiftMaster 8550 is a very powerful solution due to the 3/4-horsepower engine which is capable of lifting absolutely any type of the door including the heaviest and largest doors.

Top opener models are preferable due to generous and long warranty provided by the manufacturer. Actually, it is a normal thing when the opener motor has a lifetime warranty (for example, Sommer Direct Drive garage door openers are known to have such warranties). What’s more, even movable parts and the lifting system are covered with this lifetime warranty. That’s an absolutely unbeaten advantage over all other opener models.

That’s an absolutely unbeaten advantage over all other opener models.

New garage door openers are purchased for many years of service and two scenarios are possible - smooth operation or regular traveling to and from the repair service. So, it is a very important choice. We highly recommend you to consider users’ reviews and opinions before purchasing new garage door openers.